Simoniz Glass Coat

Simoniz Glass Coat offered at Lincoln, ILThe appearance of your vehicle plays a major role in de

its resale value. Simoniz® GlassCoat™ will enhance the appearance

of your vehicle, making it worth more money at trade-in time.


The exclusive Simoniz® GlassCoat™ Program can only be

purchased prior to delivery of your new vehicle.

The GlassCoat™ program comes with a written and insured


Our warranty is backed by one of the oldest and highly regarded insurance companies in the U.S.


It will minimize possible expenses at the end of your lease from "excess wear and tear" due to paint or seating damage.

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Provides Warranty Coverage Where The Factory Doesn’t

Lifetime Warranty available on NEW vehicles


Exterior coverage’s:             Interior coverage’s:

Acid rain                                                         All Consumable Foods

Tree Sap                                                        Chewing Gum

Bird Droppings                                               Make-up

All Road De-Icing Materials                           Crayons, Ink

Spray Paint                                                    Vomit

All Insects                                                      Blood, Urine Stains

Hard Water Spots                                          Pet Waste

UV Sun Damage                                           Baby Food

                                                                      Dye Transfer from Clothing



*One Time Application

*Zero Deductible

*Up to Ten day’s rental car coverage at $50.00 per day.

*Warranty fully transferable @ no cost.

*Fully Insured By Great American Insurance Company.

Interior coverage now includes:

Passenger Area, Cargo Area (SUV’s, Minivans), Fabric or Leather Door Trim, Carpet, Floor Mats, and Seats (Leather or Cloth)

Note: Chips and Scratches are not covered by this contract.


Please contact us with any further questions.